What is My Learning for?

We know how complicated it is to learn new topics on your own without anyone forcing you to do so. No matter how much you like it. And, even more so, with multiple distractions around you.

The learning helps you create a habit of studying on your own, planning what you want to learn, setting deadlines and sending you reminders, if you wish, so that you do not miss your initial motivation.

What is a learning plan?

A learning plan is a list of Didactas content that you can choose according to your interests to organize your time and make the most of Didactas.

It is as if you were customizing the contents of a course adapted to your needs.

For example, you can create a learning plan on teaching grammar and another on using social networks to recruit students. These are just two examples.

What to do after creating a learning plan?

  1. Una vez que hayas creado tu plan, puedes incluir en él todos los vídeos que quieras.
  2. Go to the content search engine and choose the video you are most interested in including in the plan.
  3. Next to the video you will find an option to add it to the learning plan of your choice.
  4. And once you have a plan with the content that interest you, why not create a calendar?
    • To each content of a plan, you can assign a date as if you were chosing the days you are going to go to class.
  5. Now that you have prepared your course, you just need to come to this section, go to the plan you have created and start learning with all the Didactas content you have chosen.