Benefit from sharing your knowledge

As you may have noticed, Didactas is a place full of videos made by professionals related in one way or another to the world of language teaching.

Through the contents of the platform, teachers can learn, improve and grow as language professionals. 

Do you have something to contribute? What do you want to share with the language teaching community?

At Didactas we are waiting for you with open arms. Let us tell you how the collaboration system works.

  • Didactas is a ongoing training platform for language teachers, both from a pedagogical and professional point of view. In other words, lectures and presentations on pedagogy, entrepreneurial or other topics, always related to language teaching, are welcome.
  • We work with a Pay per View payment method, that is, depending on the minutes your content is viewed while it is available on the platform.
  • The rights to all your creations are yours. We reserve the right to use these creations while you have them on our platform.
  • At Didactas we are committed both to promoting the platform and its content and to publishing and disseminating your content on our social networks with the aim of increasing visits and views.

Are you interested in Didactas and do you want to be a content creator? Fill in the following form and we will contact you.

We look forward to reading you.