Ana Campano

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¡Hola! My name is Ana and I come from Seville– a beautiful city in Andalucía. 

Ever since I was 16, I have worked with children and teenagers. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and I have always felt a strong passion for languages and language learning. After I graduated in Spanish Philology, I specialized in Spanish second-language teaching. Additionally, I have focused my latest studies on Child Pedagogy and alternative teaching methods.  

In the end, I accomplished my dream of becoming a Spanish teacher online for children and teenagers. In reality, I had to work very hard and acquire experience for years of course.  For this reason, I worked in various language centers as a Spanish teacher.

Nowadays, I am my own boss and I have created the Catchyespañol Spanish-learning method. Thanks to this method, many children and teenagers are able to learn a new language with fun, motivation, and creativity, through a program based on their own interests

Also, I love creating new content to help other teachers achieve their goals 

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