Affiliate program

The affiliate program is a Didactas option that allows you to earn benefits by recommending our Premium Plan or some of our events and courses.

How to earn through the affiliate program?

Activate the affiliate program
Recommend us to your followers and colleagues through personalized links
Receive a benefit

How does this program work?

When someone clicks on one of your personalized links, that person will be registered as your referrer through cookies for one month.
In case he/she purchases the Premium Plan or some of our events and courses, you will receive in return the benefit assigned to each of them (you can see the benefits table here).
All the money you earn can be used to spend in Didactas or we will transfer it to your PayPal account (currently the only system available).

How can I enter this program and start earning?

To activate the affiliate program you need to have a Didactas account. If you already have one, you can log in with it here and come back to this point. If you don't have a Didactas account yet, you can create it quickly and for free here. You can then continue with the activation on this same page.